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A CoreFirst Investment Management Account is for people who:
·          Desire personal service from qualified people who will tailor an investment program to meet your own unique investment needs, goals and objectives
·          Need ongoing access to a qualified investment advisor for consultation and recommendations as well as supervision of their investments
·          Seek advice on the income tax consequences of making a specific investment based upon their own particular tax situation
A CoreFirst Investment Management Account includes the following:
1.       An initial meeting to help identify investment objectives and establish a plan to attain objectives consistent with your present income tax situation.
2.       Receipt and safekeeping of securities deposited with us.
3.       Selection of investments and implementation of an overall investment program specifically designed to meet established objectives.
4.       Periodic meetings with you to discuss, review and upgrade your portfolio.
5.       Ongoing supervision of securities in account.
6.       Collection of income and reinvestment of income in accordance with your desires.
7.       Access to our automatic cash management system which will monitor your account daily and transfer cash to a money market fund. This will keep your funds fully invested and earning interest at all times.
8.       Ongoing advice, consultation and recommendations on the purchase and sale of securities.
9.       Detailed record keeping of all transactions.
10.    Collection of matured or called bonds.
11.    Preparation and mailing of periodic statements reflecting investments held in your account and transactions affecting your account.
12.    An annual income tax statement including a categorized schedule of income received and a schedule of capital gains and losses.
Benefits of a CoreFirst Investment Management Account:
·          Wealth enhancement
·          Investment advice from skilled investment managers
·          Personal investment program to meet your particular goals and objectives
·          Safekeeping of securities
·          Collection and reinvestment of income
·          Execution of purchase or sale orders
·          Collection of matured or called bonds
·          Detailed record keeping
The Investment Management Group has the staff and the experience to service your investment needs. We know first-hand that our local and regional economies are attuned to investment opportunities here as well as in national and international markets. We have built a solid reputation for asset growth and wealth enhancement due to our adherence to the practice of individualized and specialized customer portfolios. We do not have mutual funds that we own and manage. We structure an investment portfolio based on specific goals, aims, needs and objectives. 

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