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Customer Stories
Tina and Mary live on the coast but their aging parents Bill and Alice are here in Topeka. Every time Tina and Mary came to visit they spent the whole time paying bills, taking care of household repairs, and making sure there was food in the house. After a thorough financial analysis and thoughtful planning, Bill and Alice established a Living Trust at CoreFirst Bank & Trust, including our Investment Management and bill paying services. Now whenever they come to see their parents, Tina and Mary are pleased to simply enjoy the time together, and Bill and Alice are delighted to have the personal attention of a Trust team that truly cares about them.
Marion is a developmentally disabled 40-year-old in rural Kansas. She has no living relatives. But thanks to the planning of her uncle and aunt, Marion receives financial support that keeps her out of a custodial institution. Without the money left in her uncle's and aunt's Irrevocable Trust, Marion would be a ward of the State of Kansas, living in marginal conditions. With the income from the Trust, CoreFirst Bank & Trust pays for enhanced housing, and some of the nice things that make life more enjoyable. Marion even receives a small amount of cash every month, giving her the independence to purchase incidentals.
Elizabeth loves to travel. She enjoys seeing the world. In fact, she's not even in the United States for half of the year. Elizabeth is a young and vibrant 72 years old, and has a good head for finances. But she just doesn't have the time or desire to keep track of bond payments and stock dividends. She doesn't want to be bothered with property taxes and car tags. She doesn't like to fool around with income tax preparation when she could be in Europe, Asia or LA instead. With her revocable Trust, Investment Management plan and bill paying agreements, she is able to live the lifestyle she chooses while CoreFirst Bank & Trust takes care of her finances.
Ted lives in a Topeka senior care center. He used to be the president and CEO of a major Topeka enterprise and civic leader. Now a neurological disorder has robbed him of his intellect, memory and communication abilities and he is in the medical unit. Although he has no close relatives, thanks to planning before the onset of this disease Ted will be cared for and his financial plan steered by Trustees and CoreFirst Bank & Trust. He placed his assets in a living Trust and named us Trustee. We manage his assets and pay his bills and when the time comes we will arrange his funeral and mourn the loss of our friend.

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