Business Savings Account and CD Rates
Business SavingsRateAPY*
All Balances0.01%0.01%
*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is in effect as of 4/18/2014 and are subject to change without notice. Each tier shown reflects the daily minimum collected balance required to obtain applicable APY. APY is based on monthly compounding. Certain fees may reduce earnings.


Business Money MarketRateAPY*
Under $10,0000.05%0.05%
$10,000 - $24,999.990.05%0.05%
$25,000 - $49,999.990.05%0.05%
$50,000 - $74,999.990.05%0.05%
$75,000 or more0.05%0.05%
*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is in effect as of 4/18/2014. This is a variable rate account. Rates may change at any time without prior notice. Fees could reduce earnings on account. Minimum opening balance is $1,000.00. Business Money Market accounts are limited to six(6) transfers and/or withdrawals from your account per statement cycle. A transfer is a pre-authorized transfer, including an automatic transfer through Internet Banking or telephone voice response (CBIL), bill paying transfer to third party, ACH transfer to a third party, debit card transaction or a check written to a third party. There are no limitations on the number or dollar amount of deposits or withdrawals initiated by a withdrawal in-person at a teller station, a withdrawal through an automated teller machine (ATM).


Sweep AccountsRateAPY*
All Balancesn/an/a
*For more information regarding Sweep Accounts, including rates, please call 1-800-280-0123 or email us at


Certificate of Deposit Rates as of 4/18/2014

                   CD Term Min. Deposit Interest Rate APY*
 1 Month $1,0000.01%0.01%
 2 Months $1,0000.01% 0.01%
3 Months $1,0000.01% 0.01%
6 Months $1,0000.10%0.10%
8 Months$1,0000.10%0.10%
 9 Months $1,0000.10% 0.10%
1 Year $1,0000.15% 0.15%
 1.5 Years $1,0000.20% 0.20%
 2 Years $1,0000.30% 0.30%
 2.5 Years $1,0000.40% 0.40%
32 Month Option $1,0000.50% 0.50%
3 Years $1,0000.55% 0.55%
4 Years $1,0000.70% 0.70%
5 Years $1,0000.80% 0.80%
*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is in effect as of 4/18/2014. These rates may change at any time without prior notice. Interest rates are fixed for term of CD. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.


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