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Treasury Management
Treasury Management offers your business, large or small, a suite of financial tools to make the financial side of your business more manageable. Cash Management allows cost effective solutions to bookkeeping with the latest technological advances not available with Internet Banking. With state-of-the-art firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) all information sent through Cash Management/Internet Banking is secure. Encryption and password safeguards are also built in for security.
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Features of Cash Management:
·                Personal and Business Collections: If you are looking for a way to debit your customers' account on a monthly basis this could be the solution for you. It gives you the ability to collect on accounts receivable in a timely manner.
·                Personal and Business Disbursements: Instead of issuing employees a monthly check for reimbursement of expenses, send it to them electronically, by doing a personal disbursement. You can also send vendors their payments electronically rather than issuing a check or sending a wire.
·                Direct Deposit of Payroll: Direct Deposit of Payroll allows you to send your payroll electronically to your employees regardless of where they bank. If your employees want to split their paycheck with funds going into both checking and savings, you have the ability to perform split transactions as well.
·                Wire Transfers: Internet Banking allows your business to initiate wire transfers online rather than making a trip to the bank. Any wire transfer made by 2:00 p.m., business days, will be credited to the receiving party that same day. If you create recurring wires to your customers, the system will save your customers' information so you don’t have to enter it each time.
·                Files Services: You can send ACH and payroll files via the internet making it faster and easier to transmit transactions. Simply create your payroll or ACH file and upload it to the bank. We will take care of the rest.
·                User Entitlements: Security is very important. Having the ability to set entitlements allows the right individuals within your organization to conduct business. You are also able to designate different levels of authority for each user as well as dual authorization.
·                Positive Pay: One of the most effective anti-fraud tools available. Positive Pay means your business transmits a file of checks written daily. When checks are presented for payment on your account they are compared electronically with the transmitted list. When a check doesn’t match in the file, it becomes an exception item and your business can review the images before they are paid or returned through Internet Banking.
·                Reverse Positive Pay: Similar to Positive Pay but the process is reversed. Your business will maintain a list of checks issued. When checks are presented for payment the Federal Reserve prepares a file on the checks’ account numbers, serial numbers, and dollar amounts and sends the file to CoreFirst. You will then let us know which checks should be paid.
·                Payroll: The payroll feature allows businesses to credit the employees’ bank account regardless of where they bank. This feature is great for businesses of all sizes.
·                Stop Payments: Allows your employees to place a stop payment online that will be processed during business hours.
·                Mobile Banking: A safe and secure feature of Internet Banking that gives users access to a wide range of banking needs, any hour of the day from your mobile phone. It’s fast, easy and convenient. Review account history, send & receive secure messages and make funds transfers from your mobile phone.


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