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Trust & Estate Planning
One of the great secrets of trust and estate planning is that you can reap great benefits while you are still alive. Our customers are thrilled with the personal services we provide on a daily basis. Whether it's consolidated bill-paying, investment record-keeping, or lifestyle consulting and assistance, our caring Trust Officers are on the job everyday making sure your resources are working for you.
In reality, lack of planning punishes survivors. Without planning for death, the government almost always benefits at the expense of the living. Without planning, children, grandchildren and other heirs can see huge tax bites out of what otherwise would have been college funds or a chance to get out of debt. Without planning, those left behind face public fights in court to settle your estate.
One of the greatest benefits of a living trust is disability planning. Who pays your bills and makes sure you are taken care of should you become disabled? A will does not account for that, but a living trust, if set up correctly, will cover those contingencies.
The Investment Management Group offers a broad spectrum of Trust services designed with your protection, privacy, and convenience in mind. A Trust account provides investment management and custody of your assets. Many of our customers use Trusts to make their life easier now and in the years ahead. With our help, you can make Trust provisions to help you meet your specific financial objectives. Trusts are also useful tools in providing day-to-day record keeping and bill payment. Trusts also provide continuity and availability of assets to your family during estate settlement, while maximizing estate tax savings. If your objectives change, a Trust can be drafted to permit revisions in later years.

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