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Security Essentials
For Credit and Debit Cards
Credit Card, Debit Card/PIN Safety
·         Report a lost or stolen card immediately.
·         Sign the back of your card.
·         Memorize your personal identification number (PIN) and never keep your PIN with your card.
·         Always review your account statement for suspicious activity.
VISA® Zero Liability
·         Available on consumer Visa Cards only.
·         Defense against unauthorized use of your Visa Card. Zero Liability offers you complete liability protection if any fraudulent activity occurs on your VISA card.
·         Zero Liability covers all credit and debit transactions processed over the Visa Network online or off. The only transactions not covered are commercial card, ATM or non-Visa branded PIN transactions.
·         For additional information on Visa’s Zero Liability Program, visit their website at
Protection at the ATM
·         Have your card ready for the transaction. Do not stop and count the cash while standing at the ATM. If you are at a drive-up ATM, make sure to roll up your window before counting the cash.
·         Be conscious of the ATM surroundings. If the ATM is not properly lit or in an obscure area, consider finding another ATM. 
·         Make sure to take your receipt once your transaction is complete.
·         If your ATM access card is lost or stolen, contact the bank immediately.
·         Always guard your PIN.
Safety through the mail and over the phone
·         Be careful of any solicitation that sounds too good to be true.
·         Ask a lot of questions. If you don’t receive many answers, chances are it is not a legitimate business.
·         Never give out your account number over the phone unless you have initiated the call.
·         Notify the Post Office of any change in address.
·         Check your mail daily. If you feel there is a decrease in mail delivery, contact the Post Office immediately.
·         Consider mailing outgoing bill payments from a United States Post Office mailbox versus your own personal mailbox.
As a rule, CoreFirst Bank & Trust will never ask for personal information through an unsolicited email. Please call us immediately if you receive any questionable solicitations.


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