Core Express Application

Business Structure
Would you like to set up automatic transfer from CoreFIrst account? (0.25% rate discount)
Are you or your business a party to any claim or lawsuit?
Have you or the business ever declared bankruptcy or has a judgment been filed against you or your business?
Are you or your business liable for any amounts via guaranties, or other contingency agreement?
Are any taxes not currently paid in full or in dispute?
Is any collateral offered to CoreFirst Bank & Trust currently pledged to other creditors?
Are you presently past due or in default on any outstanding debt either as a borrower or guarantor?

By signing below you agree: that to the best of your knowledge and belief, all answers to the questions in this application and all financial statements and other supporting financial information provided to CoreFirst Bank & Trust since the last application are complete and true; CoreFirst Bank & Trust has the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided in this application; CoreFirst Bank & Trust is authorized to check each applicant’s and guarantor’s credit rating and If CoreFirst Bank & Trust provides you with credit, it is authorized to provide others with information concerning any applicant or guarantor.

JOINT CREDIT DISCLOSURE: Each applicant signing below hereby acknowledges that they intend to apply for joint credit. GUARANTOR DISCLOSURE: By signing below, each guarantor acknowledges that they have offered their guarantee freely and of their own volition.

RIGHT TO RECEIVE A COPY OF APPRAISAL / VALUATION DISCLOSURE: We may order an appraisal or perform a valuation to determine the collateral’s value and charge you for the appraisal or valuation. We will promptly give you a copy of any appraisal/valuation; even if your loan does not close. You can pay for an additional appraisal of your own use at your own cost.

Attach Personal Financial Statement