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Platinum Card Rates
Purchase and Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
1.9% fixed for 6 months then 9.25% variable* therafter
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Other APRs
·          Cash Advances: 18.9% variable**
·          Penalty APR: 18.9% variable** after account is 60 days delinquent
Variable Rate Information
The APR is adjusted monthly and is determined by adding 3.25% to The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate; however, the rate will not drop below 9.25% or exceed 12%.
The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate published on the last business day of each month is used to calculate the rate.
Grace Period
·          25 days grace period on purchases on average after card statement date
Balance Computation Method
·          Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Cash Advance Fee
·          5% of the advance ($10 min. and $50 max.*)
Annual Fee
·          $0
Other Fees
·          Late Fee: $35
·          Over Limit Fee: $0
·          Return Check Fee: $35
·          International Assessment Fee: 2% of the transaction amount for international transactions
Balance Transfer Fee
·          3% of the balance transfer ($10 min. and $50 max.)
*The information listed above is correct as of 06-17-2010 and is subject to change at anytime without prior notice. Advance notice will be provided to current customers as required by law.

To receive the most recent information past this date, please contact CoreFirst Bank & Trust in Topeka, Kansas at (785) 267-8900, (800) 280-0123 or write us at P.O. Box 5049, Topeka, KS 66605-9902.

**The Cash Advance Rate and the Penalty Rate will adjust according to The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate on the last business day of the month plus 12.9%; however, the rate will not drop below 18.9% or exceed 23.9%.



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