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If you need to report a lost or stolen card
after hours, please utilize the numbers
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CoreFirst Bank & Trust
3035 SW Topeka Blvd. 
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Visit one of our branch locations In Kansas or Colorado. 

Need to report a lost or stolen credit or debit card?

contact-us 785.267.8900 or 1.800.280.0123

f AFTER HOURS, please follow the Lost Card prompts.

Commonly Asked Questions

CoreFirst is committed to help you with all your banking needs. Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Banking Accounts

  • Your account number can be found at the bottom of your checks - it is the second set of numbers following the routing number 101100728.

    You can also see your account number on page one of your monthly account statement just under the Account At A Glance section. If you receive E-Statements, you can login to Internet Banking and access your statements.

    You can also retrieve your account number by:

         locations Visiting any of our branch locations

  • Need to reorder checks? We make it convenient by offering a multitude of channels to place a reorder. Choose the most convenient method for you.

    Envelope Mail – Just find your reorder slip that is attached to your 3rd book of checks in your last order and pop it in the mail. This is a fast and easy way to reorder when you have no changes or updates to your information.

    INTERNET_BANKING_ICON Online – Visit the Deluxe website

    Contact us icon Call – Our Customer Service Center at 1.800.280.0123 or 785.267.8900

    locations Visit – any of our branch locations for assistance

  • Checks are posted in serial number order, all other debits are posted in the order shown below.  Multiple debits of the same type of transaction are posted smallest to largest amount. 

    The below items are posted as they are received:

    • Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer Debit
    • Deposit Correction
    • Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer Debit
    • Returned Deposit Item
    • Force Posted Debit
    • Force Paid ACH Withdrawal
    • ACH Debit Adjustment
    • Transfer Withdrawal (initiated by bank per customer request)
    • Automatic Loan Payment (initiated by bank per customer request)
    • Miscellaneous Debit


    The below items post after the items listed above:

    • CoreFirst ATM W/D
    • Debit Card W/D
    • Non CoreFirst ATM W/D
    • CoreFirst ATM Transfer
    • Non CoreFirst ATM Transfer
    • ISA Fee
    • Cashed Check
    • Automatic Loan Payment (initiated via digital services)
    • Transfer Withdrawal (initiated via digital services)
    • ACH W/D
    • Withdrawal
    • Check
    • Account Link/Sweep Transfer Debit
    • ATM Fee
    • Interest Charge on Negative Funds
    • Backup Withholding
  • The balance used to determine whether an item may be charged an overdraft or NSF funds fee is the Current Balance at time of posting less any holds. Holds can include deposit holds where funds availability may be delayed or transactional holds such as debit card PreAuthorizations.

  • 101100728

Debit and Credit Cards

  • Enroll your eligible card by visiting
  • After enrolling your eligible card, just visit
  • Make sure to contact CoreFirst before you travel so your trip is hassle-free when making purchases with your Visa Debit Card. Notifying us in advance will ensure your card transactions are not blocked by our fraud monitoring system. Without prior notification, transactions could potentially be blocked when transactions appear out of your normal spending behavior for your account.

    contact-us 785.267.8900 or 1.800.280.0123    

  • contact-us 785.267.8900 or 1.800.280.0123.

    If AFTER HOURS, please follow the Lost Card prompts.

Online and Mobile Services

  • Enrolling in Internet Banking is EASY! Just hit the Login icon on the top ribbon and then Enroll Now and follow the instructions for the Primary Account Owner. Secondary account owners will need to visit one of our branch locations or contact Customer Service for enrollment instructions.
    • Make sure you are enrolled in Internet Banking    
    • Download the App by navigating to Google Play or the App Store and search for CoreFirst Bank & Trust     
    • Utilize your Internet Banking ID and Password to login    
    • Make sure you are enrolled in Internet Banking and have installed the CoreFirst Mobile App    
    • Once you have completed these steps or if you are already enrolled and have installed the CoreFirst App, complete the Mobile Deposit Enrollment Form and submit
    • Make sure you are enrolled in Internet Banking
    • Login to Internet Banking and navigate to - Settings and Text Enrollment 
  • Up to 10 deposits can be submitted daily up to $1,500 per day. Consumer accounts have a monthly deposit limit of up to $3,000.

    Business customers limits may vary, please contact your Relationship Manager for details.