Irrevocable & Testamentary Trusts

Irrevocable and Testamentary Trusts are types of trusts in which, once they become active either by someone’s death or by the terms of the document, are limited in how they can be modified, distributed or revoked. A Testamentary Trust is created from instructions contained in a Will of a deceased party through the Probate process. An Irrevocable Trust may be set up during the lifetime of the Grantor. An Irrevocable Trust may start out as irrevocable, may become irrevocable as a result of the death of the Grantor or may become irrevocable due to other triggering events. CoreFirst Bank & Trust may serve in various capacities during this process. We might be named as the initial trustee, as a successor trustee or as investment manager with another party as trustee.


  • May provide tax savings with income, estate, gift and inheritance tax    
  • Ensures qualified investment management and controlled distribution of wealth    
  • May offer asset protection 
  • Existence for a lifetime or a period of time
  • Charities can be benefited over an extended period of time    
  • Can aid with education, medical and other expenses    
  • Receive professional management, objectivity and accountability



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