Coach paying for pizza with digital banking.

Digital Services

Heroes Need a Sidekick!

Our Digital Services are the perfect sidekick to help you achieve your goals and spend more time focusing on what's important to you. With the touch of a button you can pay bills, move money, make a budget plan, monitor fraud for your business, and more - all from your mobile device. It's that easy!

Powered by YOU!


Digital Wallet

Using your CoreFirst debit or credit card with your mobile device for quick secure payment at participating merchants is a breeze with our digital wallet. Setting up is easy! Learn more here. 


Fraud Tools

We have the tools you need to spend less time worrying about fraud, and more time on your business! Services like Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, and ACH and Check Block reduce fraud by detecting suspicious activity - giving you peace of mind. 

Money Plan

Using Money Plan, you can drive your financial journey with a clear view of your spending, debt and balances. Make a budget plan and stay on top of your goals!


Mobile App

With the CoreFirst Mobile App, you can count on quick and secure access to your accounts 24/7 with your phone or tablet. Move funds, check history or pay a bill all with a quick slide or tap.

That's not all! Stay in touch with your finances anytime, anywhere with our other online and mobile services. 
Just a couple of clicks is all it takes to make sure that your monthly bills arrive securely and on-time with Internet Billpayer. Access your online profile to pay bills anytime.
Deposit a check with your mobile phone or tablet. Why visit a branch location or CoreFirst ATM when you can use Mobile Deposit and deposit a paper check anytime, anywhere!
By using simple text commands, you can get up-to-date account information via a text on your mobile device. Get balance information, transfer funds and receive history information all from your mobile phone with text banking
Stop waiting for paper statements in the mail and manage your accounts electronically by utilizing E-Statements. Enroll in E-Statements and view or download your notices and statements with Internet Banking. It's quick, secure and reliable.