Financial Success - Budget Baskets

Ester Basket being held by child

Budget Baskets For Your Peeps!

Things are pretty expensive out there! So, with a little planning and creative thinking you can keep your Easter Basket spending on the low. Ten tips to stretch your dollar:

  1. Baskets – reuse from previous years and consider a smaller basket … that’s less to fill!
  2. Eggs – Use plastic eggs year after year! They may be cheap, but the cost adds up over time so save them and reuse them.
  3. Change – Who needs candy? Clean the car, look under the couch cushions and use the coins you find to fill some plastic eggs.
  4. Dollar Store – Take advantage of all the fun and affordable items you can find!
  5. Homemade – Make goodies like chocolate chip cookies or Rice Krispie treats.
  6. Coupons – Maybe it is to get out of a chore or being able to pick dinner for a night. Get creative and make paper coupons appropriate for each person.
  7. Crayons – gather all the crayon nubs in the house and melt them in muffin tins to make a brand-new BIG crayon!
  8. Thrift Stores – Look for books and other trinkets.
  9. Slime – Make it homemade.
  10. Grass – Forget the artificial grass, it just makes a mess anyway!