Financial Success - Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

Family Celebrating Halloween

How to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

Halloween activities are tons of fun for all ages. But like any other holiday, giving in to the temptation to buy elaborate costumes, decorations, and sweet treats can be costly.

Try a few of these tips to get into the Spooky Spirit on a budget!

  1. Make your Own Costume. You don’t need an expensive store-bought mask or outfit to transform into a new character! Get creative and use items you already have or materials from the dollar store to craft your own one-of-a-kind costume.

  2. Skip the Lavish Decorations. Giant skeletons or inflatable lawn monsters are great, but dollar store decorations can be just as fun at a fraction of the price. Homemade decorations can also be a fun arts and crafts project for the whole family!

  3. Buy Candy in Bulk. If you live in a community with tons of trick-or-treaters, the cost of candy can be overwhelming. Get a few neighbors together, buy candy in bulk for a better value, and split the cost.

  4. Ask Friends to Contribute to your Annual Halloween Party. You don’t have to be the hostess with the mostest for your party guests to have a great time! If you’re hosting a Halloween party, ask your friends to bring food, drinks, or decorations to share.