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Holiday Piggy Bank

Give your Kids Financial Gifts that Last

Most holiday gifts for your kiddos are short-lived. They may quickly grow out of clothes or toys, or just lose interest in outdated tech. This year, consider giving a gift for their future!

While they might not be impressed now, your teen or toddler will appreciate one of these financial gifts in the future:

A Piggy Bank – A piggy bank is a great way to start teaching young ones the importance of saving money. Drop in a few coins to start them off, and encourage them to save their change, birthday money, or allowance! When the piggy bank is full, you can even take that money and open a savings account together.

529 Plan – It’s never too soon to start saving for higher education. A 529 College Savings plan is tax-free when used for higher education expenses. The owner of the account, parent, or grandparent has control over the funds and can change the beneficiary. The funds in the 529 plan will not affect the amount of financial aid the child can receive once in college.

Savings Bond – Financial institutions no longer sell savings bonds – but they’re still a great way to teach kids about the power of interest! Bonds can be purchased electronically on

Stock – An older child may appreciate the opportunity to learn about the stock market! Give them some seed money to buy stock in a company of their choice. Teach them how to research companies to make a smart investment and show them the online tools and resources available for young investors.

Cash – Given the right way, cash can be a tool to set your kids up for success! Instead of just a $20 bill, give them a variety of bills. Talk about all the possible ways of spending the money, and how to budget the amount. When you talk money with your kids early, they’re more likely to become financially-savvy adults – maybe the best gift of all!