Financial Success - New Years on a Budget

Family Movie Night

Celebrate the New Year on a Budget with These Tips! 

Celebrating New Years can cost more than you might think. Lavish events at restaurants are expensive, and even hosting a party at home can add up if you’re not careful.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to celebrate the excitement of the New Year, try these tips! 

  1. Host a potluck party. Asking your friends and family to contribute food, drinks, games, or decorations to your annual holiday bash is a great way to cut down on party costs. Sharing the load allows everyone to relax and enjoy the time with loved ones.

  2. Go for DIY party supplies. Making your own noisemakers or party hats is a great activity to pass the time while you wait for midnight – and its tons of fun! Try filling some mason jars with beads and decorating them with dollar-store ribbons and search the web for some DIY paper crown designs.

  3. Use what you have for snacks. Most people have leftover food stashed in their fridge and pantry from the holiday season. Use up what you have instead of buying a whole new slew of snacks at the store.

  4. Watch some classic holiday movies. Instead of going out or inviting people over, have a holiday movie marathon with the family! Grab some popcorn, a soda, and get comfy on the couch for a cheap night in.

  5. Go out for dessert! If you really want to be out and about to celebrate the New Year, try skipping the expensive dinner and go out for a late-night sweet treat. You can even get dressed up and make a nice evening out of it, still having fun without springing for a whole meal.