Financial Success - Protect your Information

Locking down your money.

Protect your Information to Avoid Scams!

Protecting your personal identifying information like your bank account numbers, Social Security number, debit or credit card numbers, and passwords is extremely important. Identity thieves can use this information to do things like:

  • Open credit cards or other lines of credit in your name
  • Use your credit and debit cards to make purchases
  • Withdraw your cash
  • File a tax return using your SSN and intercept your refund
  • Use your health insurance
  • And more

Unfortunately, keeping scammers away from your information is easier said than done. Fraudsters may try to trick you into handing over this information by impersonating government agencies or businesses, online romantic interests, or even members of your family.

To avoid putting your finances in jeopardy, we recommend that you never give your personal information to an unknown entity over the phone or through the internet.

Remember that legitimate organizations or businesses will never email or call on an unsolicited basis and ask for personal information such as account and social security numbers, passwords or user IDs.

Visit our Education Center to learn more about scams to watch out for, and how to protect yourself from becoming the victim of identity theft.