Financial Success - Stay Safe Online Shopping

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Stay Safe Shopping Online with 3 Easy Steps!

Shopping online is quick and convenient. But if you’re not careful, it’s also a great for scammers to access your personal information and steal from your accounts.

 Follow these three easy steps to shop safely and securely:  

  1. Stay away from public Wi-Fi. When you use a public network to make purchases, cybercriminals can easily intercept your data, passwords, login details, and financial information – like your credit card info.

  2. Pay with credit cards. If your card information is stolen, most credit card companies allow users to dispute payments that you did not make – ensuring you hang on to your money!


  3. Make sure the sites you’re using are safe and reputable. Before buying from a new online retailer, try verifying the site with these best practices:

    1. Check out the security or encryption software the site uses
    2. Send the company an e-mail to make sure they have an active e-mail address
    3. Type the URL for the site directly into the address bar, instead of clicking on a link. This prevents you accidentally going to a fake or malicious site

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