Back to School Shopping? Tips to Save You $$$

  • by Cassie Richardson
  • Jul 27, 2017, 13:49 PM

It’s time for the kiddos to head back to school! Spare your pocketbook with a couple easy ways to save:

Don’t depart from the list!
School districts are great about supplying classroom supply lists. Stick to the list and don’t let the kids talk you into all the fancy stuff.

Check the backpack from last year.
Yep, it’s probably right where your kiddo left it on the last day of school. You might be surprised at the leftover supplies that came home. Check for pencils, pens, highlighters, rulers or calculators that are still in good shape and recycle them. It doesn’t hurt to check other areas of your house for other items on your supply list like hand sanitizer or Kleenex!

Do a little planning.
Grocery stores, drug stores and office supply stores have phenomenal sales this time of year. Take some time to see who has the best deals by researching online. Don’t discount the Dollar Store for some of your items.

Be thrifty with new clothes.
Check consignment shops for items that are gently used, consider organizing a clothing swap with friends or hit the discount/outlet shops in your area for lower prices.

Leave the kids at home.
Go shopping without your child. This allows you to stay on task and not deviate from the plan. NO kids = NO arm twisting for the $100 pair of jeans!!

Budget, budget, budget……..
Set a budget and stick to it. It is easy to over spend on supplies, clothes and trendy new sneakers. Use this time to teach the kids about budgeting and the difference between needs and wants.