Best in the Basket Egg Decorating Tips

  • by Cassie Richardson
  • Mar 27, 2018, 14:21 PM

Easter is around the corner. Check out these hip tips on how to decorate your eggs. Want to use your eggs year after year? Some of these tips can work on plastic or wooden eggs for long-lasting Easter decorations.  

  • Use a paint brush and lightly cover your egg with glue. Roll egg in glitter, sprinkles or confetti for a textured look.
  • Cover your egg in colorful ribbon or twine. Just coat the egg with glue or Mod Podge and wrap away.
  • Sticker them up! Dye your egg and use springtime stickers available at the Dollar Store to decorate.
  • Chalkboard eggs – paint your egg with chalkboard paint and use chalk to decorate. This method should only be used on wooden eggs. Each year you can change your designs, just wash off last year’s chalk and redecorate.
  • Crayon shavings work great for hard boiled eggs. Just put different colored crayon shavings on a paper plate. While the eggs are still warm, roll in shavings. The color will melt on the egg.
  • Emoji Eggs – Dye your eggs. After they are completely dry, use permanent markers to draw your favorite emoji face.
  • Give your egg the Paper Mache treatment. Cut small strips of colorful tissue or constuction paper and dip in a solution of one part flour/one part water. Adhere strips until your egg is covered and let dry.