Stay Cucumber Cool!

  • by Cassie Richardson
  • Jul 11, 2018, 11:57 AM

Why get hot and bothered when you can stay cool(er) with this simple tips…

  1. Keep your blinds closed on your windows
  2. Don’t use your oven for banking
  3. Eat ice
  4. Use mint soap and body wash - it has a cooling effect
  5. Sleep in the basement or on the floor – heat rises
  6. Keep household lights off
  7. Wrist and feet are pulse points - run under cool water or use a cool compress on these areas
  8. Put your lotion, aloe, eye creams in the fridge for cooling relief
  9. Make sure ceiling fans are on and that they are running counter-clockwise pulling hot air up
  10. Hydrate
  11. If you know you’ll be outside during a hot stretch, drink plenty of water days before hand
  12. Unplug at night – even if they are turned off, some small appliances give off heat
  13. Wear breathable materials like cotton
  14. Wear light colors
  15. Avoid caffeine – it dehydrates you
  16. Stay away from heavy meals and eat light
  17. Avoid the sun – schedule activities in the early morning or evening
  18. Don’t forget about the library, mall or a catching a movie to stay cool
  19. Long hair - wear it up
  20. Function over style – no tight clothing or metallic accessories