Super Bowl Fun on a Budget

  • by Rayna Karst
  • Feb 9, 2024, 10:00 AM

Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to enjoy entertainment with friends and family and eat some great food! But just like any gathering, hosting a Super Bowl party can be expensive.

Here are just a few ways to cut back on expense while you cheer your team to victory:

  1. Ask a friend to co-host. Hosting a party is a big job. There’s no shame in asking a good friend to share the load!  Find a buddy to help plan food, décor, entertainment, and other aspects of your party.

  2. Try DIY Decorations. Get creative when it comes to decorating your place for the big day. Search the web for football-themed crafts or use an inexpensive green tablecloth to make your snack table look like a field.

    Food can be a decoration, too! Try turning a charcuterie board or veggie tray into a makeshift football stadium.

  3. Make it a potluck! We all know the best part about Super Bowl Sunday is the amazing snack selection. Ask your guests to bring food, drinks, or even decorations.

  4. Don’t worry about themed tableware. While it can be festive, it’s unnecessary to buy marked-up Super Bowl themed paper plates, silverware, cups, or other table furnishings. Just use the tableware you have, or buy some discount paper goods at the dollar store.

  5. Stay simple with games – or skip them. Most guests will be just fine with the entertainment provided by the football game and the halftime show. But if there’s time to break out a game, try something that doesn’t require buying any new game pieces – like Super Bowl trivia or charades.