Tomorrow’s Millionaire: Pursue Learning

  • by Rayna Karst
  • Apr 24, 2024, 14:00 PM

According to Business Insider,1 most self-made millionaires spend more time than the rest of the population focusing on personal growth, development, and education.

Here are some habits of lifelong learners that you can try to jumpstart your millionaire mindset: 

  • Read! Reading about anything and everything is a great way to increase your knowledge and exercise your mind. Books are especially helpful for learning lessons from those who have achieved the success you’re working toward.

  • Listen to podcasts. Use your daily commute as an opportunity to learn new things from subject matter experts. Search your favorite streaming services for podcasts about money management, business, taxes, or anything that may help you achieve your specific goals.

  • Take courses to learn new skills. Take advantage of various courses, both online and in person. Not only is this a great way to pick up new, marketable skills, but you can also learn from and connect with like-minded people.
  • Seek out other growth opportunities. People who accumulate wealth and knowledge also tend to accumulate hobbies and passions. Try something new, learn a new language, or practice different activities that give you a competitive advantage.

  • Step outside your comfort zone. Every opportunity to step outside your comfort zone is an opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid of failure on your journey to millionaire status. Embrace it and take on new challenges!
1Hoffower, Hillary. “17 Things Millionaires do Differently from Everyone Else.” Business Insider, 27 Dec. 2020, 17 Things Millionaires Do Differently From Everyone Else ( Accessed 22 April 2024.